What Are Some Of The Best Practices In Email Marketing?

Let’s look at some of the best email marketing practices you can use to create more leads for your business.

  • Craft compelling subject lines. A great title contains 30 to 50 characters. It provokes a reaction in your reader and lets them know what’s in store once they open the email. “Free dispatching when you spend $25 or more” and “Get a free iPod with demo” are cases of good, motivation-centered headlines.
  • Use no more than 2 typefaces. Try not to clutter up your email with more than 2 typefaces. The less mess you have, the better the chance that users will take action.
  • Add a call to action and place it properly. If your primary invitation to take action falls beneath the first scroll, 70% of readers won’t see it. Use a call to action 3 times or less in the email.
  • Keep your email 650px wide or less. If you go larger than 650 pixels, you’re requesting that clients scroll and scroll. That’s a no-no.
  • Put your logo in the upper left corner to get more perceivability. Eye-following studies have found that individuals naturally search for logos in the upper left side.
  • Tie emails to landing pages. Your custom landing page is an extension of your message. Create niche-focused campaigns to see which messages and pages played out the best.
  • Send a test email to your coworkers. After working on an email for a long time, you’re likely to overlook mistakes. Send a test email to someone to get a fresh pair of eyes before you send it.

Your email marketing campaign focuses on getting positive responses and conversions, and you need to be able to track all of that.