Check Competitors’ Advertising Campaigns Before You Start Your Own

If you are planning to run advertising campaigns I suggest finding competitors’ text and display ads before you start. It is always good to be prepared and avoid risks. There are free tools that could help you to discover how well competitors’ ads are doing. You can see their traffic estimates based on different locations.

Follow is a free tool, with paid version,  that will help you to find ads of your competitors. You can create an account on their website, or install their Chrome and Firefox extension.  They provide different data sets from different data partners, which brings you more valid information.

What Competitors do With AdWords and Search Engine Marketing?

You want to know how much they pay for clicks when someone search on Google or other search engines? With Follow you will see monthly estimates of how much they spend on their search campaign, how many clicks they have, their average position or how many keyword they are using.

Advertising campaigns

Follow allows you to see for how long your competitors run their campaigns. If their ads run for a long period of time, that means the ads are profitable and really good.  If just show for day or two it probably means they aren’t work so well. This tool will show you how their top text ads look like and which keywords drive the most traffic. You can use this info to compare with your own data. Find out which network platform works the best for your competitors and where they post their ads.

Display ads will show you how many image or flash ads your competitors have. Within this section you will see banners size and design that competitors use for their advertising campaigns. It is good to check this option before you start designing your own banners.

advertising banners

There is another tool that you could use for this purpose. Moat  is free ad search tool that helps to find what and where ads are running for the top brands and sites.

moat advertising

Back to Follow tool, you can find what countries your competitors are advertising in and that could help you to choose the right one for you. They also offers data for contextual advertising that is similar as pop up ads.

In order to avoid unnecessary risks, do a short research of competitors’ advertising campaigns before you start with you own.  If you do your homework your campaign performances will be much better.