Free SEO Tools You Should be Using

There are many free SEO tools that you could use, but some of them have outdated suggestions and wrong guidelines. I always use more than one tool, because I like to compare the results. Of course, neither of them are the same. For example – one will give you a complete overview of your SEO actions, including meta data, tags etc. and another one will show you the percentage of duplicated content.

Free SEO tools that I like to use and strongly recommend are:

  1. Site SEO Analysis
  2. Siteliner
  3. Yoast
  4. SenSeo

Site SEO Analysis

Site SEO Analysis is a free SEO tool that provides reviews of entire websites. This tool will give you overall SEO score along with recommendations to optimize pages for the main search engines. Focusing on  several factors, such as content, linking structure, social media, trust on the internet they generate summary and a detailed SEO analysis. It is easy to start with page analysis, just enter desired URL. After a few seconds, you will have complete results.

In the beginning, you will see your SEO summary and total score.

seo tools summary

Below that, there are architecture, content, links, social media and trust analysis. Within an architecture you will be informed about a canonical tag, page speed, URL rewrite option, URL underscores and duplicated content problem. Content part includes complete information about the text on the site, included all meta tags, H tags, image attributes and keyword analysis. This SEO tool will show you the number of internal and external links and approximate number of backlinks. I like their suggestion for listing your page on DMOZ open directory site.

The most valuable on this site are suggestion improvements and articles that explain each of their parameters. For example, if you have a problem with canonical tag and you don’t know how to fix it all you have to do is to read their article on that topic.



This SEO tool will help you to find duplicated content, broken links and more. Google doesn’t like duplicated content and if you have it, that could lower your site’s search ranking. Broken links can harm your site as same as duplicated content. It is important to check all internal links and fix them easily if they are broken.  This free tool will allow you to analyze up to 250 pages per month.

siteliner seo tool

Siteliner highlights all duplicated content with different color. Each color is linked to the page with the same content, so it is easy to find and replace duplicates.

seo tool duplicated content


Yoast is WordPress SEO plugin. Unlike the above-mentioned SEO tools, this tool will help you to optimize your  page before you publish it. After you finish with page editing save it as a draft and check Yoast page analysis. The analysis contains information about meta description, title, keywords density, flesh reading test, alt tags, H tags, outbound links and many more. I like the fact that this plugin has a frequent updates.



SenSEO is an add-on for FireFox that checks the most important on-page-SEO-criteria and calculate a grade of how good your site fulfills these criteria. Extensions are quite useful when you need to review multiple pages in a short period or when you need a quick check of competitors’ pages.


I hope this free tools will help you with your SEO. There are many more tools that I use, but I will live it for the next blog post.